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Zurich Tram Museum Club

With perseverance and hard work

It began with simple tools and lots of enthusiasm. In 1967 two lovers of Zurich trams started to collect things in a room at the back of the depot at Burgwies. The 1960s was a time of new trends and innovation and this went very much against the mood of the time. They restored an old tram wagon and collected documents telling the story of the Zurich tram. Their friends smiled at their colleagues efforts and largely left them to it.

This is the foundation of the Zurich Tram Museum Association. Since that time and over 70’000 hours of hard work later, 15 historically valuable rail vehicles have been restored. Members collected and still collect, with perseverance and expertise, documents and objects which soon became the most important collection of material pertaining to local transport in Switzerland. The old Tram Museum at Wartau was no longer adequate to display all the treasures of the collection. With thanks to the financial commitment and conviction of the City, the club could fulfill a dream; on the 24th May 2007, we were allowed to accept the key for the new Tram Museum, Burgwies.

New members are welcome

The Tram Museum association has around 700 members. It is the backbone of the new Tram Museum. They keep the historic tramline running, the Trams remaining the property of the VBZ). The association provides members with a changing program of yearly events. Your membership and donation help and they in turn, through voluntary work, keep the museum going. Your membership and donation help the association and museum to restore further vehicles and help fund the future of the museum. Please tell us where you wish your donation to go – funding further vehicle restoration or to be used for museum work.

Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zürich
Bank Account number: 1115-0292.508

Post Account number: 80-67665-8

Or write to:
Förderverein Tram-Museum Zürich
Forchstrasse 260
8021 Zürich